About Us

Print-Rite Imaging Technology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Print-Rite Holdings Limited, who is a leader in the development and manufacture of products in the aftermarket printer consumable industry. As the North American division of one of Asia’s largest manufacturer of after-market printer consumables, Print-Rite Imaging Technology, Inc. brings over 39 years of integrity, stability and groundbreaking research to the imaging supply market.

Print-Rite is a pioneer in the aftermarket consumables industry with over 40 years of manufacturing and selling experience. Offer over 10,000 models for Inkjet, Laser and Ribbon Printers and Copiers and has recently diversified further into new product lines like 3D Printer and filaments in late 2014. We are at the forefront of innovation with strong capability in R&D and a portfolio of over 3,000 registered patents by the end of 2020.